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Hi there! My name is Eugene The SEO King, I am an avid SEO enthusiast as well as an SEO Coach based in Singapore and I hope to be able to help you on your Internet Marketing journey! Are you looking for some SEO online training or DIY SEO Training in Singapore?

  • Eugene Macarius specialises in Information Technology (IT), SEO, Digital Marketing, CRM Integration and Loyalty Program Implementation.
  • Eugene is also a Certified SEO Practitioner and a Social Media Enthusiast, a well respected person in the Internet Marketing Best Kept Secrets (Inner Circle) Facebook group; thereby earning his nickname SEO King from peers in the industry.
  • Eugene (The SEO King) Macarius has well over 10 years of website & digital marketing under his belt.

Hi there! My name is Eugene The SEO King, I am an avid SEO enthusiast as well as an SEO Coach based in Singapore and I hope to be able to help you on your Internet Marketing journey!

Singapore Internet Marketing Mastermind Community

Join the community of active online marketers and get your SEO Coach to mentor and coach you on the concept of Search Engine Optimisation, Online Marketing & More – Start Today! Come join our Internet Marketing Secrets group and immediately unlock the Secret of Internet marketing gurus!

Singapore Internet Marketers Mastermind – Community

SEO Class Singapore | Learn SEO Singapore opens possible career opportunities for you!

SEO Class – Learn SEO & Digital Marketing in Singapore!

Are you tired of working in that same old job? Do you wish that you have the skills to learn how to build a second income stream that is passive; activate your passive income stream today! Best thing is you could have that passive income while you still hang on to your job as long as you work on it for 2 to 3 hours a day.

Would you like to explore a possible career opportunities while still working on your job? How would you like it if there is someone out there who is an SEO Coach that will teach you the Internet Marketing Secrets you need to know just to start to make money?

seo coach singapore - seo course

Would you like this SEO Coach to walk with you every step of the way together with a nice closely knit Internet Marketing Mastermind group, where it becomes a place where you can share all your struggles, be accountable to each other and also a place where learning becomes fun!

You will never ever walk along in your Internet Marketing Journey anymore!! You now have an SEO Coach and will know the Internet Marketing Secrets!

Learn SEO Singapore

Learn SEO Singapore – Make Friends, Discuss Ideas, Collaboration & Let’s Make Money together !

Singapore Internet Marketers Mastermind – Community

Well lets face it, we all have gone through this phase where an Internet Marketer‘s journey seems to be very lonely. Aspiring Digital Marketers or Singapore Internet Marketers are left to figure things out on their own, so they watch SEO Videos, try to learn Pay per Click Advertising on their own, but feel a sense of emptiness and perhaps burnout after sometime.

Why is this So?

We all thrive best when we are in a community of like minded individuals that strive to help each other in a Community of Learning. It is through being in community where we get the support, encouragement, and sometimes that extra push for accountability and progress. So its a healthy growth if everyone in Singapore, the region and even the world can come together and learn the Internet Marketing Secrets together!

internet marketing coach -learn seo community'United we stand, Divided we fall…

Its great to have a bunch of friends, even from different parts of the world, coming together as an Internet Marketing support community, all coming with one common goal in hand and that is to learn Digital Marketing together!

Learn How to Grow Brand Presence by Integrating Online and Offline Channels. 

You do not have to take SEO Courses in Singapore if you have this strong supportive community of Singapore Internet Marketers as well as Online Marketers from all different parts of the world, helping and cheering you on all the time!

Its an internet marketing community that never sleeps!!


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How do we know this? The fact that we know this is living proof that SEO works! Would you like the same result for your website? The SEO Coach can show you how it is done!

Come join our fast growing Digital Marketing Community in Singapore, the region and some say even the world!!

SEO Class Singapore Community

See you on the inside!!

Learn SEO Singapore specially invites you to come and join our invite-only “Internet Marketing Secrets Inner Circle” and lets learn SEO together!