How to Optimise YouTube Videos for SEO? Yancong and Eugene brings to you Video Marketing 101 and Video SEO tips and tricks to get you started to Optimise and Grow Youtube Channel Fast (Tips). Learn how to How to Optimise YouTube Videos for SEO! Video Marketing 101 and Video SEO Tips with Yancong Videos and SEO King Eugene. Watch it here!

How to Optimise YouTube Videos for SEO ( Video Marketing 101 | Video SEO )

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YouTube SEO: how to optimise YouTube videos for Google search and YouTube search and get your videos ranked higher.

A set of guidelines and best practice recommendations for users and brands who create video content and would like to improve their video seo rankings in Youtube! If you’re trying to boost your overall site SEO, then a great tactic is to produce and optimise video content. Ranking for a video on YouTube makes your video searchable on both Youtube as well as Google organic search!

Optimise Your Videos on your Youtube Channel – Slides

Do I have to be on Youtube?


  • Youtube is the second largest Search Engine in the World after!
  • Youtube is especially good for services e.g. Massage, Facial or product demos eg a new vacuum!
  • Youtube feeds Google Organic result! Eg. Wedding Ice Sculpture

BARRIERS TO ENTRY – Bariers to entry preventing businesses from embracing Youtube! 

  • Videos are hard to do! Start with product slideshow videos. There are FREE Tools.
  • Combine product images with FREE stock videos Eg. Wedding Ice Sculpture
  • Animation or Whiteboard Videos.. There are tools … Animoto, Toonly and more.
  • Videos are hard to edit! I use Filmora Wondershare – There are tutorials my favourite is Daniel Batal.
  • I dun have camera presence! We can train you to be comfortable on camera! 

YouTube Video Optimization

This is an example of trying to optimise a video that speaks about How To Optimise YouTube Videos For SEO on Google search engine result page as well as on YouTube search results page.

Find video keywords. Keywords for YouTube are a bit different from keywords that appear on search engines like Google or Bing. Optimize your video title. Optimize your tags. Tell people to comment. Encourage people to subscribe. Make an eye-catching thumbnail.

How to Optimise YouTube Videos for SEO – The Youtube SEO Optimisation Process | Video SEO: How to Rank Your Videos #1  Fast


  • Invoke Curiousity & Entice People to Click!
  • Contain keyword that you want to rank for in the image text!
  • Image file name contain the keyword that you want to rank for.


  • The Video Title contains the Keyword you want to rank for!


  • The Video Filename contains the Keyword you want to rank for! Eg. keyword.mp4


  • The Video Description contains the Video Title! Think of supported themes, key phrases that you want to rank for and write in proper sentences.
  • SEO should be for the human first always then the search engine spider.


  • Video Tags should contain the keyword or keyphase variations.

Actual Video Content Delivery should contain keyword you want to rank for.

Video Marketing 101 – Tips for Going Live on Facebook or Youtube or LinkedIn

Tips for Going LIVE


  • Reccee the Background. Book the Background or area of shoot.
  • Wet weather alternative location. Book alternative location.


  • Consider having a Gimbal or Video Stabilizer if you want more stability. But if you are starting out on a budget not necessary.
  • Consider having an external mic connected to the handphone with Windshield. – Furry Mic.


  • Forgot to book the location and spot is used by others especially if its an open spot.
  • Always prepare your interviewee and yourself.
    (a) Look presentable on Camera – eg hair, make up
    (b) Mic up your interviewee if you are using a mic for them.
    (c) Run the interview sequence especially if this is the first time you meet the interviewee – tell interviewee how they are going to walk into the set, framing and what and when will you be asking them the question; if need be dry run record, review before go live.
  • You forgot to press the RECORD button!