INFLUENCER MARKETING, INSTAGRAM, HASHTAGS & YOUR SHOPIFY STOREIn this video I talk about the importance of #Instagram, #Hashtags and how you can use the power of #Influencers for your #shopify or #ecommerce stores by getting them to possibly model for you (if #influencer is a girl in ladies fashion niche & you are selling ladies dress) as well as offering a mutually win-win benefit so that their subscribers or followers can buy your #product at a discount rate.STEPS TO ACHIEVE THIS1) First create a unique hashtag for one of my key product e.g. #ReadyZoomLens2) Next tell influencer to do an unboxing video since my product is a tech product and comes in a box. 3) The objective is to get my hashtag across to social media accounts not owned by me so that the accounts will be linked to my store by hashtag.SCENARIOFor example a girl name Grace models for clothes brand on her Instagram & if you are selling female clothes you would connect with her and send clothes u want to promote to her possibly with a discount code for her readers or followers. Always think win win and long term!She may or may not charge you for the shoutout ( shoutout = post on her Instagram account possibly tagging your Instagram account )Some charge flat rate some even charge $xx for how many hours that post will remain until deleted.HOW DOES INFLUENCER MARKETING BENEFIT YOUR SHOPIFY BUSINESS?How this is beneficial to you is that her followers will like the clothes she is modelling or wearing and eventually like your Instagram profile and may buy your product with the discount code u offer just by following the Hashtag. Pretty Neat har?A LITTLE ABOUT INFLUENCERS UNLIMITEDI am a co owner of an influencer group called "Influencers Unlimited" or #InfluencersUnlimited ; who is about the strength of 50 people based in Singapore and Malaysia only. If u would like to try out let me know.So what do I benefit from this? Absolutely nothing! What is your cost? At the moment is FREE plus Shipping, meaning to say Influencers will shoutout free for you, you just pay for cost of product shipping to them.REAL LIFE EXAMPLE OF HOW I USE HASHTAGSHere is an example of what I do using the hashtag #ReadyZoomLensA word from our sponsors: You can get a 30% discount if you follow the hashtag of one of my influencer friends at #InfluencersUnited if you are thinking of buying the #ReadyZoomLens

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Social Media Marketing for Shopify

This video explores how we can use Influencer marketing, Instagram and Hashtags to market our Shopify Store.

The Fire My Boss Series

Fire My Boss Series: How to run a Business Successfully; Mindset, Motivation & Action (Side Hustle; Make Money Online the right way!)

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