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Build SEO Authority : SEO for Beginners; What is SEO [Part 1]

How to Build Your SEO Authority?
PART 1: What is SEO? How can a Newbie Understand it?

1. Seo basically looks at what are the things that you can do to make Google discover your website.
2. Does your website gives Google signs to let Google know what its all about?
3. Sneaky SEO Research Techniques, What has a Bookstore got to do with SEO?

4. Keyword research; define the primary keyword; defining the site navigation.
5. Know what are the buying keywords. What are people searching for when they want to buy (strong buyer intent)?
6. When Google comes in, Google will need to know what your site is about and if your business has a physical location, Google must know where its located.
7. Influencer Marketing Secrets for any Business
8. SEO Best Practises (1 hour exclusive)
9. Do Backlinks matter (3 videos playlist)

Build SEO Authority : Why rank high on Search Engine using SEO? [Part 2]

How to Build Your SEO Authority?
PART 2: Why is it important to rank higher in Google using SEO?

1. A quick recap on What is SEO.
2. In order to rank high; you need to differentiate what is buying keywords (shows strong buyer intent) vs generic keywords.
3. Aim to engineer your SEO Efforts towards buying keywords so that you can rank high for them.
4. For effective SEO, if you are selling sub-services, focus your SEO on one sub-service first rather than all.
5. Benefit to rank high is so you do not need to pay Google Adwords to rank for your niche.
6. People normally do not look beyond the top 5 result (exclude ads at top)
7. Put a customer friendly meta description on every page!

Build SEO Authority : Secret Top 5 ways to rank high on Search Engine; SEO Hack [Part 3]

How to Build Your SEO Authority?
PART 3: Top 5 Ways to Rank Higher in Google

1. Research is Key to SEO success.
2. 4 Types of Research you need to do: Market, Competitor, Niche and Keyword Research
3. Sneaky SEO Research Techniques, What has a Bookstore got to do with SEO?

4. Is Google able to understand your website? Textual Content, Contextual Content & Internal Backlinking (On Page SEO)
5. What is the ideal keyword density for a page – Matt Cutts? Old but Gold!
6. Off Page SEO: Don’t go crazy on Backlinks, Do not use Fiverr, Consider Social Signals (Social Media Platforms) but don’t go crazy too!
7. Does Google use data from social sites in ranking – Matt Cutts?, Old but gold
8. Do Backlinks matter (3 videos playlist)
9. Youtube plus Image Branding
10. Additional Bonus: How to get started to do Live Videos?
11. Google My Business plus Influencer marketing
12. Influencer Marketing Secrets for any Business
13. SEO Best Practises (1 hour exclusive)

Build Seo Authority Ethically : SEO Hacking Done Right [Part 4]

SEO Authority is a measure of how trustworthy or valuable a page is and can be defined in terms of an entire website (domain authority) or an individual page (page authority). SEO Authority is very important. What are the things to take note of when building your SEO Authority? A final video to recap the finer points to look out for when Building an SEO website authority and why it is important to build a strong SEO Authority.

SEO for Newbies : Proven Search Engine Optimisation Tips for Beginners to Rank #1 in Google

SEO for Newbies : Proven & Powerful Search Engine Optimisation Tips for Beginners to Rank #1 in Google and Build an Internet Footprint that Lasts in 2019 & Beyond

Are you an SEO Newbie and want to rank #1 on google this upcoming year? Do you want to learn proven tips, methods and strategies that will help you in search engine optimization? So what is required to build an Internet Footprint that lasts in 2019 and beyond? Do you wantto know the secret SEO strategies to succeed?

SEO for Newbies : Powerful Search Engine Optimisation Tips for Beginners to Rank #1 in Google and Build an Internet Footprint that Lasts in 2019 and Beyond

  • BUILDING AN INTERNET FOOTPRINT THAT LASTS! Remember Hansel and Gretel and that they dropped bread crumbs along the way so that they can find their way home? Well are we doing the same? Are we dropping digital breadcrumbs to let Google know how to find our website and our business? When we talk about Building an Internet Footprint that Lasts, we are talking about SEO and how it has evolved over the years.
  • SEARCH ENGINE WARS : HOW GOOGLE WAS ABLE TO DOMINATE! Look at the Search Engine Wars, how Google was able to overtake Yahoo the first search engine. What Google did differently when Google came into the picture. Google presented to the world a better way to search for information. How the Gmail launch was able to allow Google to Dominate the search market resulting in a fast adoption rate.
  • GOOGLE WAS INDEED DIFFERENT! Google was different in the game of search. In the SEO world, Google needs to figure out as to how relevant a website is based on its Topical Relevancy and Contextual Relevancy.
  • BACKLINKS IN SEO – THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY! Large number of Backlinks vs Quality Backlinks: Which is preferred by Google in Search Engine Optimisation?
  • KNOW HOW TO KEEP YOUR WEBSITE CONTENT RELEVANT! Content Relevancy: The Application of Primary Keyword, Page or article keyword and associated keywords and categories; and how does this make the website more relevant and more related to the topic that you are trying to rank in Google? Google love Google concept: Study the technologies that Google bought and how we can use them to rank #1 in Google.
  • THE IMPORTANCE OF VIDEO OPTIMISATION AND YOUTUBE! The importance of YouTube and Video Optimisation for SEO. Top search engine in the world is Google.com; the second search engine in the world is YouTube.com – Why are you not using Youtube for your SEO strategy yet?
  • STRUCTURE YOUR WEBSITE FOR RELEVANCY! How to structure your site for relevancy? Think like a search engine spider. Quality backlinks matter than a large volume of backlinks and how outsourcing to external SEO Companies for SEO or backlink service may impact your website seo if we are not careful.
  • ON PAGE SEO – WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR? Content Optimisation; Organise the information with primary keyword, page or article keyword, associated keywords and category plays a part. SEO Image optimisation has got to be applied as well. Video Optimisation plays an important part in the overall SEO strategy.


Practical applications of Search Engine Optimization:
a) Real Estate SEO Tips
b) SEO Tips for Small Businesses
c) Ecommerce SEO: How to organise your Ecommcerce website for SEO

Google has got to be relevant. Google has to keep up with the relevancy game.

a) Do Backlinks matter
b) What is Black Hat SEO? Yay or Nay?

The Google Algorithm update. Google dance, should we be worried? Do not try to go crazy getting backlinks!

Think like a Search Engine Spider! What are some of the ranking factors in SEO? How does Social Signals (or links from Social Media like Facebook) play a part in SEO? How well your website is structured, theme, keyword association and categorised. Do the Google Search Engine bot get confused or is your website easy to index.

Emerging Technologies beyond SEO – Look at where your audience hang out! Go live technology, dual streaming and webinars.

A long time ago, Businesses Do not need websites at all and they relied completely on brochures and flyers. But with the advancement of technology, businesses soon realised that they definitely need websites and social media. Some businesses also need the Go Live technologies. Social Media Listening tools have also popped up over the years.

Focus on writing content for your HUMAN AUDIENCE; yes it must be readable to the human audience before you focus on your website SEO, while building your branding & social media presence, before you look at GO LIVE Technologies as well as other Emerging Technologies.

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Building SEO Authority What is SEO

Ana Santos, Author of Love VS Limerence

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Would you like to learn how to run a business successfully? What do You need to do if You want to “Fire My Boss”? What can I do to earn that Side Hustle income? What are the Mindset, emotions as well as actions I will need to take to start to make money online. How is the journey of running an online business going to be like?

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