Ask yourself truly – Do you really know the prospect or customer that you are attracting to buy from your business?

How Well Do You really Know Your Customer? | Market, Competitor & Customer Research for SEO

One of the basis of marketing is for us to first understand who our customer is, where they hang out and how they would like to be interacted with. If you run a business today, there is an urgent need for you to understand your customers needs, wants and demands.

The key question we need to ask ourself is: “How can we Understand Our Customer Better That Our Product or Service Will Sell by Itself?”

Know Your Customer: We know that companies need to understand their customers, before they even start to market and sell products or services. What does that mean, and how can this be accomplished? Is there a methodology or system or flow that we can follow to understand the customer better?

How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

Do you know who your customer is? How can we do Market Competitor Customer Research for SEO?
1. Know what your business is about?
2. What are the Products and Services that you are selling?
3. What are the target market that you are going for?
4. My business serves everyone? Really?
5. Know your Market, Niche and sub-niche.How can we niche down?
6. Ask Probing questions to dive deeper into your customer demographics.
7. Picture your Customer Avatar with specific demographics (for example: age, gender, profession, just started career or mid career?)
8. Name me your top 3 Competitors. Research your Competitors. Do they retarget you with an ad (Re-marketing)?
9. Know the Lingo of the Customer, Psychology of Colours, Copywriting.
10. What is your customer behaviour? How they consume information over social media.
11. After all this then plan your Digital marketing and SEO.